Cutting edge point of care technology


Cutting edge point of care technology


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The HemoScreen™ makes blood analysis exceptionally simple by using AI assisted Viscoelastic Focusing (VEF) technology to perform lab-grade analysis on a single blood drop sample, as it passes through a unique lab-on-a-cartridge. It uses a disposable cartridge that includes all necessary reagents and requires no maintenance or calibration and is perfect for a Full Blood Count test.



cleared blood count analyzer

5 minutes from test to result




Including 5 part differential

Globally accessible

The test takes 5 minutes and can be performed by virtually anyone.
It includes 3 simple steps:

1  Draw Blood Sample

2  Insert Sample into Cartridge

3  Insert Cartridge into Reader

Viscoelastic focusing (VEF):
A new physical phenomenon

Protected by over 20 patents

VEF causes cells to perfectly align into a single layer, facilitating their optical analysis. In contrast to the standard hydrodynamic focusing, VEF requires no diluent and is not sensitive to clogging or vibrations. It is therefore the key for miniaturization of flow cytometry.

Minute Reagent Volume


Simple Design


An innovative disposable cartridge with automatic sample preparation:

The simple design facilitates fully automatic sample processing. Each cartridge includes all necessary reagents and is factory calibrated. The reagents and sample remain safely within the cartridge during and after measurement, preventing cross contamination.

AI & Machine Vision Analysis

Cutting-edge machine-vision algorithms

Cutting-edge machine-vision algorithms classify cells on-the-fly, based on their morphology and staining properties, providing higher resolution and clarity of different pathologies.


Changing Cancer Care

In May 2020, PixCell Medical collaborated with Interreg Germany-Denmark’s Changing Cancer Care (CCC) initiative, to enable home-based blood testing to support treatment of cancer patients in homecare settings. The goal? Limiting immunocompromised patients’ exposure to contagion in a hospital.

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University of New Mexico School of Medicine

“We found the PixCell haematology analyzer simple to operate, extremely portable and reliable. Our non-technical staff quickly and easily learned how to perform the testing. The small size of the machine and ability to test either finger stick capillary blood or drops…

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Uppsala University Hospital (UUH), Uppsala, Sweden

“Overcrowding and prolonged wait times have been linked to adverse clinical outcomes and decreased patient satisfaction.
While no one factor can be identified as the root cause of this issue, decrease in delays between sample collection…

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University of Maryland School of Medicine

“The HemoScreen may solve a truly unmet need at the oncology clinic by providing CBC results immediately for patients enlisted for chemotherapy.
Current solutions do not provide results which are consistent with core lab results e.g. 3-part differential which is problematic…

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University Hospital in Linköping, Sweden

“Advanced technologies are available today that allow performing tests that traditionally were only performed in labs by complex instruments.
Near patient, testing provides timely results that can be acted upon immediately. With near-patient analyzes, one has the…

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North Zealand Hospital, Hillerød, Denmark

“The CBC analysis performed by large haematology instruments in a centralized laboratory is a screening test. However, despite extensive automation, the centralized laboratories have some inherent challenges (e.g. sample logistics, waiting time on the automated track etc) that makes it difficult…

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Journal of Psychiatric Research, SLAM NHS Foundation Trust

HemoScreen haematology analyzer compared to Sysmex XN for complete blood count, white blood cell differential, and detection of leukocyte abnormalities.


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