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Antipsychotic Drug Monitoring

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The only point-of-care analyser that accurately measures the most commonly prescribed antipsychotic drugs in <7 minutes.

MyCare provides greater clarity on the causes of treatment failure (i.e adherence, drug resistance, drug-drug-interactions and drug metabolism) and may help distinguish medication non-response from lack of adherence. This information may help you establish the right medication at the right dose more quickly than you would based solely on patient self-report.

The world’s


antipsychotic drug analyzer

<7 minutes from test to result

Simple and easy to use

Results from a drop of blood

Lab Quality results

The test takes less than 7 minutes and can be performed by virtually anyone.
It includes 4 simple steps:

1   Place the RFID card

2   Collect the sample

3  Insert the cartridge

4   Close the door – done!

Quantitative Antipsychotic Blood Levels at the Point of Care.

The Insite’s simplicity of operations, it’s compact design and rapid actionable results improves the accessibility and clinical benefits of anti-psychotic blood levels.




MyCare INSITE Test Menu

Measuring drug levels with the patient allows for meaningful conversations with the patient/family, increases confidence in dose adjustment and allows for monitoring treatment response.

MyCare INSITE Test menu includes:

  • Clozapine*
  • Total Arpiprazole*
  • Risperidone/Paliperidone
  • Quetiapine
  • Olanzapine

*CE Marked


  • Provides objective data that can:
    • Facilitiate communication between clinician and patient (along with full clinical assesment)

    • Provide important insights to help clinicians differentiate a lack of efficacy from a lack of adherence

    • give clinicians object evidence for confidence in their clinical decitions

    • Facilitate effective patient management
  • Easy to use with only minimal training requirements

  • Small footprint saves valuable laboratory space

  • Lab quality results

  • Reliable point of care testing reduces overall costs


Changing Cancer Care

In May 2020, Medical collaborated with Interreg Germany-Denmark’s Changing Cancer Care (CCC) initiative, to enable home-based blood testing to support treatment of cancer patients in homecare settings. The goal? Limiting immunocompromised patients’ exposure to contagion in a hospital.

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University of New Mexico School of Medicine

“We found the hematology analyzer simple to operate, extremely portable and reliable. Our non-technical staff quickly and easily learned how to perform the testing. The small size of the machine and ability to test either finger stick capillary blood or drops…

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Uppsala University Hospital (UUH), Uppsala, Sweden

“Overcrowding and prolonged wait times have been linked to adverse clinical outcomes and decreased patient satisfaction.
While no one factor can be identified as the root cause of this issue, decrease in delays between sample collection…

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